Me and my Peace Tea

The orange shorts are other great find from my grandmother’s closet! I am blessed to have such a fashionable grandmother. They were originally what she called “CooLots”. CooLots are still high waisted, but the hem is longer and extends outward. So I had to alter a few changes–by shortening the hem and taking in the […]

Teal Appeal

As I was rummaging through some of my grandmother’s old clothes the other day, I came upon this teal button-up. I love the color and style–but most importantly–I love the sentimental value I feel when it’s worn. The necklace is a gift from my great-grandmother. Just happened to be a coincidence I worn items from […]

Dressed in Dots for our Date

ester Yesterday, it was me and my boyfriend’s two year anniversary! We celebrated by dressing up and eating out fancy (for college students) at Red Lobster. It was a wonderful night out : ) And yes, he has a mustache. He wanted a picture of me stroking it. He declares it his “stache-swag”. I found […]

Tutti Frutti

The weather in Indiana is finally warming up! Getting to finally break out the shorts for good, is such a relieving feeling. “My legs can breath!” I told my friends. Yes–I love the summer. This also means the Spring semester is coming to an end–and summer break is near.  I’m certainly loving this time of […]