3-Tiered Dress FrontDSC_97263-Tiered Dress Detail3-Tiered Dress PatternDSC_9776DSC_9784

DSC_9648 DSC_9666pattern studio 1



Wool Winter Coat with Vinyl Accents- interior welt pocket, welt button holes; 2012

Method Used: Tailoring

DSC_0423 DSC_0464 DSC_0447

– Woven High-Waisted Skirt; 2012

– Method Used: Tailoring

ResizedImage_1354895492152 ResizedImage_1354895512054ResizedImage_1354895545874ResizedImage_1354895472014DSC_0292DSC_0302DSC_0301

– Corset Cap-Sleeved Paisley Dress; 2012

– Method Used: Flat Pattern


– Simple Lace Tube Dress with a sheer floral Attachement; 2012

– Method Used: Draping


– Simple Floral Orange Skirt & Bow-tie Scarf; 2012

– Method Used: Draping


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